Septic Tank Installations

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Dyfi Waste can install septic tanks in any size property, or replace existing ones.

Our service includes drainage pipes and soakaway system.

A Septic Tank, usually in the shape of a bottle, settles and partially digests the settled sewage.

However the effluent from a correctly sized tank still contains about 70% of the original polluting matter.

Therefore the liquid is discharged into a soakaway system of land drains, which allows the ground to treat the pollutants.

Details of how the ground may be used are contained in BS 6297.

Dyfi Waste will perform a percolation test to see whether or not the ground will absorb the liquid and remove the pollutants.

If the ground cannot do do this (e.g. if it’s clay) then a cess pit may be needed.

The septic tank should be emptied at least annually.

A consent will be required for a new installation.

If a septic tank and land drainage system are unable to treat the sewage, then one of the following must be used:

  • Conventional Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Reed Bed system
  • Modern Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Pumping Station.

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