Septic Tank Emptying

emptyWhen empty is better than full!

For a septic tank to work efficiently the sludge (solids) needs to be removed on a regular basis.

How often you do this depends on the size of the property and the number of occupants.

However, most will require emptying once a year to maximise the available space.

Dyfi Waste can empty your tank for you or inspect it to look for problem.

Look after your septic tank:

  • Don’t dispose of: commercial chemicals, medicines, disposable nappies, incontinence pads or feminine hygiene products down the wc.
  • Don’t use large quantities of biological cleaning agents and bleach.
  • Don’t hose down the baffles and media areas of the tank. It is important for the bacterial media to remain and restart the biological process.
  • Do have the tank de-sludged regularly.
  • Do take advantage of our Regular Service Discount Scheme rates. Call 01654 702682.

Problems and Remedies

Problem: Odour

Cause: Sludge particles leaving the septic tank and entering the soakaway, or sludge has blocked the exit and the tank is overflowing.

Remedy: Have the tank “de-sludged” or emptied. Call 01654 702682

Problem: System backing-up.

Cause: Blockage in the in-let pipe, blockage in the out-let pipe. Soakaway (gravel) blocked.

Remedy: Clear in-let and/or out-let pipe. Remove and replace soakaway gravel. Call 01654 702682

Problem: Tank refilling immediately after emptying.

Cause: High water table. Ground water enters the tank via the soakaway.

Remedy: Move tank to higher place and install a pump. Or install a reed bed system. Or install a cess pit, which holds all liquid waste too and needs emptying much more frequently. Call 01654 702682

Alternate cause: High water table: Tank ruptured allowing ground water to enter the tank.

Remedy: Clear and clean tank, inspect, repair or replace. Call 01654 702682